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Protopresbyter John Meyendorff (1926–1992)


Matushka Marie O. Meyendorff (born Mojaysky) (1929- )

Ivan may be spelt Ioann, Jean, John.

Marie may be spelt Maria, Mary.

Theophile may be spelt Feofil.

Mojaysky may be spelt Mozhaisky, Mojaïsky.

Ivan (Jean) Feofilovitch Baron von Meyendorff was born on 17 February, 1926, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (a western suburb of Paris), France. He was born, 1 of 3 children, of Russian emigré parents, barons of Baltic German aristocratic lineage, who had fled the Bolshevik Revolution. His father, Theophile (Feofil) Baron von Meyendorff, was an artist who painted portraits and miniatures on ivory. His mother, Catherine Schidlovsky, assisted her husband by establishing contacts for him.


Jean Meyendorff attended various schools in Paris and in Biarritz, where the family spent most of World War II. When he had completed his secondary education, he enrolled simultaneously at the Orthodox Theological Institute of Saint Sergius, in Paris, and at the Sorbonne University, which awarded him the “License ès-lettres” degree in 1948. In 1949, he received a “Diplôme d’Études Supérieures” degree. At the "Institut Saint-Serge", he studied with luminaries of the Russian Orthodox diaspora, including Father Georges Florovsky. After graduating from Saint-Serge in 1949, he taught there until 1959. While he was preparing his doctorate for the Sorbonne, he also worked for the “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique”, from which he received a “Diplôme de l'école pratique des Hautes Etudes” in 1954.


On 22 January, 1950, Jean Meyendorff and Marie Mojaysky were crowned in Holy Matrimony. In time, the couple received from the Lord 4 children : Paul, Serge, Elizabeth, Anna. The parents of Marie Mojaysky (related to the Russian pioneer of flight, Aleksandr F Mozhaysky) eventually took up residence near the Protection Monastery in Bussy-en-Othe (founded 1946) in North Bourgogne, when her father retired.

Jean Meyendorff completed one year of military service, largely with the “Train des Équipages”, in October, 1952.

He earned the degree "Doctorat ès Lettres" from the Sorbonne in 1958 with a groundbreaking doctoral thesis on the theological subject of the teachings of Saint Gregory Palamas.

During his 10 years of teaching at "L’Institut Saint-Serge" in Paris, Jean Meyendorff was an Assistant Professor of Church History, and he was also a Fellow at the "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique".


In 1959, Jean Meyendorff was ordained to the Holy Diaconate and then to the Holy Priesthood.

Transfer to the USA ; pastoral, teaching service

After his ordinations, the Priest John Meyendorff and his family moved to the USA. There, he joined the faculty of Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, which at that time was located at 121st Street and Broadway, in rooms belonging to Union Seminary. Father John served as Professor of Church History and Patristics. The family lived in this area also. Then, in 1962, the seminary relocated in Crestwood, Tuckahoe, New York, and the family moved into a house on Scarsdale Road, not far from the seminary.

Soon after moving to New York, Father John Meyendorff and his family took advantage of the availability of lakeside property at Lac Labelle, Québec, where the Troubetzkoy family had originally settled, and where the [Protopresbyter Alexander and Matushka Juliana Schmemann Schmemann] family had subsequently established a summer home. They bought an affordable property which enabled them to rest in the summer, and to have a suitable atmosphere for praying, and for working on the writing of many articles and books. During the summers, he would sometimes serve in the chapel of Saint Sergius, Labelle, Québec (1960-1992).

Besides his service in Labelle, Father John gave lectures in some cities in Canada (particularly Edmonton). Wherever he made such presentations (whether in the USA, Canada or elsewhere), they affected in a very positive and constructive way the lives of many who had the blessing to hear him.


During all these years, Matushka Marie had carefully and wisely supported the service of her husband, as she raised their children ; and together with her husband, she offered hospitality to the many guests and visitors who arrived. Hospitality is a fundamental characteristic of an Orthodox Christian, and of an Orthodox Christian home.

Despite his prominence, Father John was not an imposing or demanding personality. Rather, he went about his work in the spirit of being a co-worker with and servant of Christ, and to the best of his ability and talents, he fulfilled the work that he was given. About both Father John and Matushka Marie, it may be said that their faithful example and love for the Lord is an encouragement to those who can see it. They worked together as a "team". They both simply have done what the Lord has given them to do for the good of all concerned. This reflects our Saviour's words about His servants, who, for the love of Christ, only do what is their duty. When it began to develop, Matushka Marie took part in the service of “Religious Books for Russia” (an organisation that began in the 1970s to find ways to get Orthodox Christian religious literature and service-books into the Soviet Union), a service which continues until the present. Matushka Marie still serves on the executive board of RBR.

In addition to his work at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, Father John held successive joint appointments as a lecturer in Byzantine theology at Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks (to which he returned for a semester as Acting Director of Studies in 1977), and as Professor of Byzantine History at Fordham University (from 1967). He also was Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He lectured widely on university campuses, and at church events. He was appointed to the responsibility of Dean of Saint Vladimir's Seminary in March, 1984, and he served in this capacity until June, 1992, when he retired.

Soon after his appointment as Dean of Saint Vladimir’s, Father John Meyendorff was elevated to the dignity of protopresbyter.

Father John Meyendorff was a major voice in the Orthodox community. He spoke about the negative ecclesiological effects wreaked by the existence of 3 splinter groups into which the Russian Orthodox Church was divided after the Bolshevik Revolution. Father Meyendorff was instrumental in bringing about the establishment of The Orthodox Church in America as an independent entity in 1970, and he urged the various Orthodox Churches in the United States (which were ethnically based) to grow visibly closer together in their shared faith. He frequently represented the Orthodox Church and her way of life in ecumenical gatherings, such as the Upsala Assembly held in 1968 by the World Council of Churches, during his tenure as Chairman of its Commission on Faith and Order (1967-1975). All such external representation was undertaken with the blessing and knowledge of the metropolitan of the OCA at the time.

It is important to keep in mind that it was not merely the superior intelligence which was God's gift to Father John which enabled his production of so many writings, and so many other important and crucial works. He was enabled to do what he did, and to bear fruit in Christ as he did, in part because of the loving support of his wife and family, to be sure. However, the main source of his energy and productivity was his love for Jesus Christ, for the Orthodox Church, and for the worship and service which is the life of the Church of Christ.

Protopresbyter John and Matushka Marie Meyendorff 1500729752116-2769-.jpg Father John and Matushka Marie

A member of several professional associations, Father Meyendorff served during different periods as the President of the Orthodox Theological Society of America, the President of the American Patristic Association, and as a member of the Executive Committee, US Committee for Byzantine Studies. He was a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1976–77), and a Guggenheim Fellow (1981).

During his service at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, he served as librarian, as director of studies, and as the long-time editor of the "Saint Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly". His service to the Church included positions as chairman of the Department of External Affairs of The Orthodox Church in America, as advisor to the Holy Synod of Bishops, and as editor of the monthly newspaper “The Orthodox Church”.

As a representative of the Orthodox Church, Father John Meyendorff participated in the activities of the World Council of Churches, in which he served as Chairman of the Commission on Faith and Order (1967–75) and as a member of the Central Committee. Committed particularly to inter-Orthodox unity and cooperation, he was one of the founders of Syndesmos (World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth Organisations), and he served later as its first General Secretary, and later as its President.

Father Meyendorff was given honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Notre Dame and from the General Theological Seminary, and he was a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy. He was a Senior Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks.

The Diploma of Honorary Member of the Leningrad Theological Academy was bestowed upon Father John in May, 1990. In June, 1991, Father John was awarded the Order of Saint Vladimir, 2nd Class, by His Holiness Aleksy II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’.

Retirement ; repose

Father John Meyendorff had decided to retire from the service of administration, so that he could write books which he was already preparing through research. He hoped to be able to teach a course at the same time. His retirement was effective 30 June, 1992. However, not long after he had gone with his family to their summer home in Labelle, Québec, he became seriously ill, and he was taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Montréal. There, he learned that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. He readily accepted the Lord’s will. He reposed in the Lord in the hospital in Montréal on 22 July, 1992.

After his repose in Christ, there were services offered for him in Montréal, and then at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, New York. Afterwards, his body was interred in the Oakland Cemetery, near Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Yonkers, New York.

His son, Paul Meyendorff, is now The Alexander Schmemann Professor of Liturgical Theology at Saint Vladimir's Seminary.

From 9–11 February, 2012, an International Conference “The Legacy of Father John Meyendorff, Scholar and Churchman (1926-1992)” was held at the Saint Sergius Institute in Paris, to honour the 20th anniversary of the repose of Protopresbyter John Meyendorff.

Writings :

Father Meyendorff’s publications include the critical text and translation of "The Triads" by the Byzantine Theologian Saint Gregory Palamas, as well as many books in the fields of theology and history, such as, “A Study of Gregory Palamas” (French ed., 1959 ; English ed., 1964) ; "The Orthodox Church" (1962, French edition 1960) ; “Orthodoxy and Catholicity” (1966) ; “Christ in Eastern Christian Thought” (1969) ; “Byzantine Theology” (1974) ; "St Grégoire Palamas et la Mystique Orthodoxe" (Fr. ed. 1959 and 1994, English ed. 1974) ; "Marriage, an Orthodox Perspective" (first ed. 1971, second ed. 1975) ; “Living Tradition” (1978) ; "Byzantium and the Rise of Russia" (1981) ; “The Byzantine Legacy in the Orthodox Church” (1981) ; “Catholicity and the Church” (1983) ; “Imperial Unity and Christian Divisions : The Church 450–680 AD” (1989) ; and "Rome Constantinople Moscow" (1996). His books have been published in many languages, including French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek, English, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Serbian, Romanian and Polish.

Father John Meyendorff’s doctoral dissertation on Saint Gregory Palamas (1958) is considered to have transformed the opinion of the Western Church regarding Palamism. Before his study of Palamas, Palamism was generally considered in the West to be a “curious and 'sui generis' example of mediaeval Byzantium’s intellectual decline”. Father Meyendorff’s landmark study of Palamas, however, “set Palamas firmly within the context of Greek patristic thought and spirituality” with the result that Palamism is now generally understood to be “a faithful witness to the long-standing Eastern Christian emphasis on deification (theosis) as the purpose of the divine economy in Christ”.

Note :

For a complete description of the International Conference (2012), including the detailed programme and official report, visit the Website of the Saint Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute and the Conference blog.

An editorial comment by the Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky was published in “The Orthodox Church” magazine on the 20th anniversary of the repose of Father John :

 A better way to speak of Father John’s repose would be to say that he died ‘in hope of the resurrection’. 
 These words are used in Orthodox prayers for the departed.   Father John’s theological vision, in accord with 
 the great Christian theologians, affirmed and celebrated the dynamism of our life and our movement toward the 
 In remembering Father John and reflecting on his life and ministry, it is clear that he was a theologian of 
 depth and a teacher of excellence.  In this he witnessed to Christ, to the Gospel, to the Orthodox Faith.  He 
 exemplified intellectual integrity and seriousness and was allergic to untruth in any form.  Theology and 
 teaching were not ‘academic’endeavors for Father John.  He placed his intellect and his teaching in the 
 service of the Church.  In this sense, he was as much a pastor as he was a theologian and teacher.  During the 
 years of his labors as theologian and historian, teacher and lecturer, Father John achieved respect and 
 recognition around the world in the Orthodox Church, in the ecumenical world, and in academia.  Among the 
 Orthodox Churches, his voice articulated the vision of The Orthodox Church in America, affirming the 
 imperative need for unity and mission.  In the ecumenical and academic worlds, he articulated and bore witness 
 to the Orthodox vision of God’s creation and the meaning and content of human life in light of the biblical 
 teaching on the image and likeness of God in each human person.  
 As editor of ‘The Orthodox Church’newspaper for 20 years, Father John made a major contribution to public 
 discussion of the challenges facing the Orthodox Church in America and around the world.  He saw his service 
 as editor as a continuation of his task as teacher of theology and history.  He knew that an educated and 
 informed clergy and laity were necessary for a healthy Church.  His birth and education in France were no 
 obstacle to his love for America.  On the contrary, he entered fully into the experience of American 
 Orthodoxy, understanding its challenges and appreciating its gifts and possibilities.  
 In the story of the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in America, Father John was more than a teacher and 
 scholar.  He played a key role in the negotiations which led to the granting of autocephaly, working closely 
 with Father Alexander Schmemann and the other members of the team charged by the Holy Synod with the 
 responsibility for dialogue and negotiation with the Russian Orthodox Church.  
 A central aspect of Father John’s thought and teaching was the calling of the Orthodox Church to overcome the 
 limitations of national, ethnic Orthodoxy through a proper vision and experience of the unity and universality 
 of the Orthodox Church.  This did not mean for him that the national and ethnic realities should be despised 
 or rejected.  It did mean that the true vocation of the Orthodox Church cannot be confined to the boundaries 
 of ethnic and national identities.  This insight guided the ‘creators’ of the autocephaly of the Orthodox 
 Church in America, and still guides our vision of Orthodox mission in America.    
 The various aspects of Father John’s life and ministry were complementary.  Scholar and priest, teacher and 
 educator, dedicated to the Orthodox Church in America, and honored around the world as a theologian, an 
 articulate voice for Orthodoxy in the ecumenical context – all of these dimensions were integrated and 
 harmonious, and all were at the service of the Good News of Christ and the Church of Christ.  
 When Father John received the Sacrament of Unction not long before his death, he said one word – ‘Eucharist.’  
 When the Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Chapel, the icon behind the altar 
 table is the icon of Christ giving Communion to the Apostles.  Father John’s vision and experience of the 
 Church was deeply Eucharistic.  As he approached the hour of his death, the Eucharist stood at the center of 
 his vision.  The life and ministry of Father John, as well as his sickness and death, were full of the hope of 
 the resurrection.  And this joyful hope is fulfilled in the Eucharist given to us by Christ.  
 – Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, ‘The Orthodox Church’ magazine (Winter/Spring, 2012). 

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'St. Vladimir Seminary Dean Dies in Montreal' in "Canadian Orthodox Messenger" (Autumn, 1992), p. 7.


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