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About the Canadian Orthodox History Project

We Orthodox Christians are called by the Lord to baptise Canada with the Orthodox Faith (Matthew 28:19-20 ; Acts 1:8).

The Orthodox Church in North America was established through the mission of Saint Herman and others who were sent to Alaska from Valaam Monastery in 1794. The mission of all Orthodox Christians in Canada is the same as theirs was. We are called by God to take what we have inherited from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Palestine, Syria and other Orthodox lands, and plant the Truth of Jesus Christ in accordance with the Orthodox way in Canada. We are called to be seeds in this land, and to bear fruit a hundred-fold (Mark 4).

This history project began as an attempt to provide histories and biographies of the various communities and personalities within the Archdiocese of Canada (ADOC) of The Orthodox Church in America (OCA). However, since it soon became clear that historical information about this one diocese apart from information regarding the other dioceses in the country would be less than partial. The project has now developed into an attempt to provide historical and biographical information regarding as many communities and personalities as possible within the whole of the Orthodox Church which is in Canada.